Syd Danger Portfolio




Hello! I'm Syd. I am an illustrator and designer living in Vancouver, Canada. I am a graduate of Capilano University's IDEA (Illustration & Design, Elements and Application) program, and have had the opportunity to work for many amazing publications such as Adbusters Magazine, Beatroute BC, Geist Magazine, Sage Magazine, and more.

My illustrations are inspired by tarot, medieval imagery, myths, and the unknown. I typically work in gouache and ink for traditional paintings, and digitally for line work. My work has been featured in shows such as CARDED!, Get Lucky 2018, SNAG and more.

When I'm not working (and I usually am) I'm trying to get cat hair out of my rug, and trying to keep my plants alive. 

And yes, Danger really is my middle name.

If you’d like to hear me talk about my design experiences, check out Episode 62 of the SADCAST podcast!